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On the 8th of October this website went online!

This site is made to promote and introduce myself and my activities in the offshore industry.

I am working in the offshore industry from 1982 onwards. I started as ordinary sailor although I had finished the Amsterdam Nautical Academy. In that time it was normal to start as deckhand before becomming an officer on Dutch salvagetugs.

Through these 40 years I gained a lot of experience in the offshore and salvage worlds, but in between I also had a interesting shore carreer. I worked in the refinery industry and in the harbor related bulk insdustiry as plant manager. But I also gained a lot of experience with my own industrial maintence services company that I owned until 2017. As a certified project manager I build some factories here and there around the world, some as contractor and some as designer.

So now, after 40 years of experiences ashore and in the salvage world and the offshore towage and construction world, I am introducing a new service to my existing marine services.

Offshore Project Simulations.

OPS is a tool for executing offshore projects with more success. Simulations help understand project execution circumstances much better, give opportunity to executives to exercise the actual vessel(s) handling and by doing this get more confidence that this project will be executed quicker and safer.

This results in "first time right" execution, and the executives understand their roles and possible problems much better, and will not be ambushed by such things as sudden thunderstorms, breakdown equipment or miscommunications.

As we are setting up the equipment to become fully operational, we expect to be in operation with OPS from January 2023.

In the mean time, and if you are interested or want to ask us anything, please fill in the contact form and I will contact you.

I hope to meet you later!

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