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JMCE; provider of Tow and Mooring Masters, Simulations and Maneuvering Management System

Recently, JMCE has executed some very interesting FPSO maneuvers, using personal sea time experience, JMCE’s own Offshore Projects Simulator and the newest MM System.

Having gained over 42 years of offshore vessel maneuvering experience, Captain Ron Jonker, manager of JMCE bv out of the Netherlands, decided some years ago to invest in a cutting edge AHT/OSV bridge and aft deck simulator with DP2 capability. The simulator has been used in some FPSO/FLNG maneuvers to find the best way to maneuver “one time right”.  This has been a great success, and shows that simulations help personnel gain confidence and experience before the actual maneuvers takes place. It reduces time, money and therefore the CO2 footprint of the project greatly. In a case where the target box was only 1.5m of freedom, it proved essential to train pilots and Mooring Master to understand the power needed to move the FPSO in certain weather conditions that could have been experienced on the day of maneuvering.

In line with the simulator, JMCE applied a new instrument, the MMS, that generates the same informative picture on a screen as the simulator does, but then in real time, during the maneuvering. Because of this, the Mooring Master and pilots were now able to successfully meet all the criteria for maneuvering the FPSO.

“JMCE is proud to be a provider of experienced Tow and Mooring Masters who carry their own simulator and MMS with “one time right” results. Experience is now supported by state of the art equipment for a guaranteed result, in time, reducing our clients’ budget. Because we bring our simulator and MMS on location, where our clients are, and we simulate our work long before we actually do it, we know we can do it, how to do it best, and because of the several execution modes we have tried, we now can act for all possible contingencies that may occur if circumstances suddenly change”.

JMCE Tow and Mooring Masters uses the simulator in all kinds of offshore projects as heavy lifting, anchor spreads, hook up, bridge and tunnel structure placements, suction anchor installations and other related operations where precision maneuvering is necessary.

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