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OPS online in week 20!

After 2 years of developement, our OPS simulator is online. The final installations were made last week, and now that the simulator is operational, we are working Offshore Project Simulations every day.

The project simulations are about finding optimal solutions for T&I issues, starting with the preparations phase (loading, tow equipment etc. ), voyage planning(route, sea and weather conditions), weather restrictions (prevaling winds and currents, cyclones, taifoons, local thunderstorms etc.).

These preparations are the input for the project simulator.

Next will be the execution phase, where simulated voyages in expected and unexpected sea and weather states will be executed. Sail away and voyage problems that might arise will be tried, and after the arrival at the installation site the installation of anchors and the connections will be exercised.

As real T&I ops has proven, there are always unexpected events during the execution of T&I. Also experience is an ongoing issue, as is teamplay.

Therefore using simulations will align teams, let them choose best practices, thus getting optimum results for any T&I job.

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