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About Me


I am Ron Jonker, owner/manager of JMCE bv, since 2003, a master of towage, a master of salvage and a master of business.


I finished the nautical college in Amsterdam in 1982 and got into the business of towage, salvage and offshore construction. I also had, among others, a shore career as Oil and Gas plant manager and have run my own company from 2003 onwards. I have two bachelor degrees and a MBA. I am also a certified project manager.

I am dedicated to effective and efficient project execution.


Projects are always complicated and involves a lot of personnel. Getting the best results with personnel that have their own expectations and more and more lack a lifetime of experience, makes its hard to create a functioning team in a short time period.

I am convinced that onshore projects can only be realised succesfully by aligning companies goals with employee expectations. I am a experiences changemanager, and have had several interim jobs as team manager improving performance.

I believe that, in this world of complex offshore projects, offshore experience can be obtained by using realistic simulation. That's why I think simulation is the way forward, and I also think there is no end to simulated possibilities. You only have to see how succesfully aviation and F1 is using simulations.

It's my vision to simulate and exercise complete offshore T&I and/or other nautical projects to help clients get the best results.

Operating a professional full bridge and AHT aftdeck simulator JMCE is in the market of finding optimal solutions for complex offshore T&I situations. 

But the simulator is also an exceptional tool to exercise Goastguard tug crews in specific salvage maneuvering, and Emergency Responce Management in their interaction with salvage and resque teams. On this site you can find all about the simulator.

Besides simulation, executing projects is my passion. Being a projectmanager, whether in onshore project situations, or in offshore projects and management as tow/mooring master or in salvage and demcommissioning,  I am thrilled to see projects come to a succesfull end.

I hope I may help you soon with executing your projects!

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